The OCH Difference

Our Size and Ratios

Our Children’s House is a small child care center, serving no more than 29 children, ages 12 months (and walking) through five years old. We maintain a ratio of one teacher for every six children.

Five-Star Rating

We have received a consistent five-star rating, the highest rating provided by the State of North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education. During our most recent visit, we were awarded a superior rating receiving 235 points out of a maximum of 235. For more information on our rating please visit

Multi-age/Family Grouping

All of our students play together during the day, with older children acting as big sisters and big brothers for the younger ones. Our Children’s House is a great place for siblings who enjoy playing together.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are our most valuable and stable resource. They are consistent, educated and experienced. Most importantly, they are loving and gentle adults who model caring as a way of life.

Our Curriculum

We offer instruction by immersion, meaning our students learn by experience. They don’t realize that they are learning, because the lessons and activities are so much fun! Our daily schedule provides a balance between active and quiet times, group and individual play, and indoor and outdoor activities. Our curriculum offers opportunity for growth in physical coordination, cognition, emotional health and self-esteem, and social skills.

Home-like Setting

At Our Children’s House, the children are allowed to choose their activities and playmates for much of the day, just like they would at home. Like home, individual attention and hugs are dispensed in large doses! We embrace a developmentally appropriate philosophy, adjusting learning opportunities for each individual child.