Children thrive in a warm and loving atmosphere — at home or elsewhere. Children whose parents must seek regular care for them by other adults especially need a nurturing environment that encourages them to experience all the normal daily activities of children at home. At Our Children’s House, our goal is to provide such an environment for each child.

The Home Atmosphere

Because children function best and are most secure in the nuclear family, we try to provide a home-like atmosphere in which children and adults can identify as an extended family. We select our teachers with the greatest possible care to ensure that each child receives the special attention needed to develop in a normal and healthy way. It is our goal to provide consistent, competent caregivers in numbers sufficient to keep the ratio of teachers to children as low as possible.

Consistent with the family environment, we allow the children access to the full range of the house as they carry out their daily activities. The only limitations on their play are those necessary for their own safety. Multi-age or “family” grouping promotes the feeling of closeness and allows the children to help and learn from each other. Toddlers learn skills from being with older preschoolers; older children learn to lead as they become models for the younger ones.

What We Value

Trying to describe how our nurturing environment comes to life in our center is not an easy task, as it involves the very special attitudes and approaches our teachers take in their every interaction with the children. Although many child care centers offer a caring environment, we believe our teachers provide a unique situation in which children know they are loved, respected as unique persons, and valued just for who they are. Perhaps our greatest testimonies are the alumni children who want to come back to “my school” to tell their former teachers about current activities and accomplishments, from losing the first tooth to learning to read or even graduating from high school. (Yes, some of our teachers have that much history with alumni children!) All of our children know they will always be welcomed at OCH.

The Daily Schedule

We structure our daily schedule to provide a good balance between active and quiet times, group and individual play, and indoor and outdoor activities. Accordingly, we sensitively design our center’s curriculum to challenge without overwhelming. At OCH, we plan learning experiences with each child’s individual nature, needs, and interests in mind.